Jan 8th was our meeting to get started with the 2016 season. (64 girls attended) If you missed the meeting you can visit with Coach Aiman in room 266 and get caught up with the other girls.  Watch the soccer board down by the gym it will have all the work out days listed as well as other info (due dates for forms...).  If the weather is good and the temp is above 40 the girls know to be outside and playing soccer... if the weather is poor and the temp is lower than 40 then we will all be inside and working out.  Our meeting place is upstairs in the southwest corning of the track.  See you soon.


Pictured:  From left to right:  Coach Legrotte, Coach Aiman and Coach Einerson
These are the girls soccer coaches we have had form day 1 of BV West high school.

If you have questions send an email to coach Aiman or call the school.




  A big "Thank You" to all the adults that helped make this past season a success. 


Coach Aiman was selected the 2010 National, Regional and State Coach of the year by the NSCAA (National Soccer Coaches Association of America)!!!

 CONGRATS TO OUR GIRLS FOR BEING NAMED IN THE NATIONAL TOP 25 BEST HIGH SCHOOL TEAMS.  BVW (18-3) came in at #18 on the NSCAA final poll of the year.


2009 - 18 - 3  State Champs (National ranking of #18)

2010-  19 - 2 State Champs  (National ranking of #12)

2011-  13 - 5 

2012- 17 - 2- 2 (ESPN & National ranking of #12) State runner ups

2013-  9-6-1 (our injuried bunch went silently into the night)

2014-  12-6-1 (state quarter final loss to BVNW 2-3)

2015- 12-5  Knocked out in the first round