Home virtue certificates are posted on the library windows.  All the forms will be returned to students with a sticker on them.  I really feel as though when the virtues are used at home and at school it makes a difference and sets a positive learning environment for our school.  Thank you for taking the time to participate in the home virtue program.


Liberty View Character Pledge


I pledge to be honest, responsible and self-disciplined in my actions.


Each day I'll work to learn all I can, show courage and persevere when there are challenges.


I will be respectful, compassionate and caring as I work and play with others.


Home Virtue Program Monthly Forms


At Liberty View we use the seven Blue Valley Virtues as part of our behavior plan in all classrooms to create a common language, safe building and positive relationships.   By working together we can strengthen the use of the virtues.  Each month as we focus on a virtue at school we would like for you to also focus on the virtue at home.  When you notice your child using the virtue of the month fill out the Home Virtue Form and return it to school.  Each month we will send out different forms.  Here is a list of the monthly virtues.


September  -  Respect     

October  -  Responsibility

November/December  - Compassion    

January -  Self-discipline   

February  -  Honesty

March -  Courage

April  - Perseverance

May  - Review all virtues


All virtue home notes will be displayed by the windows in the library..    Thanks for your help in ensuring that our students realize the importance of virtuous behavior, at home, at school, and in our community.  Mrs. Lonergan will read some of these during the evening announcements.  Please feel free to make extra copies of home sheets.  They are attached at the bottom of this page.


Please watch the power-point that is attached with your child to review the virtues.