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  The Kansas State Board of Education and the Kansas State Senate have designated the first full week in October as Bully Prevention Awareness Week.  HMS joins all Kansas schools in observing this week as an opportunity to create awareness, promote acceptance, and provide a positive, safe climate for all students. Throughout the month, HMS students will lead and participate in a variety of school-wide activities to promote friendship and respect. 



  HMS Counseling Twitter

Monday'sTweet: The end of bullying begins with YOU! #itstartswithme

Tuesday's Tweet:  Everyone Deserves Respect #itstartswithme #makeadifference  

Wednesday's Tweet: "Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are endless."  Mother Teresa #itstartswithme #connectwithkindness   

Thursday's Tweet:  "The difference between the possible and the impossible lies in a person's determination."  Tommy Lasorda #itstartswithme #refusetoquit

Friday's Tweet:  HMS students and staff are standing together in support of kindness and respect for all!! #itstartswithme #togetherwecan
















Helpful Links

This page contains links to outside sources.  The Blue Valley School District is not responsible for any content housed/published on those sites.

Middle School Information

· Homework help?: Visit this site for homework help!  It is sponsored by The State Library of Kansas.

·   Motivating your student for Middle School : A great article about how to motivate your students for middle school.

  • Parenting Information
  • Love and Logic Pre-teens and teenagers can be exhausting for parents. Learn ways that take less energy on your part, put the responsibility on the kids, and teach them great life lessons. 
  • Teen Drug Intervention : A great website if you suspect that your teen might be experimenting with alcohol or drugs.
  • Teen Brain : Is my teen's behavior normal?
  • Advice for Parenting Teenagers : Be prepared for the pre-teen and teenage years. Advice and helpful tips about what is coming next and how to handle the new thing your teenager is doing now.
  • Kansas KIDS Program: Need to save for college? Look into the KIDS program through the sate of Kansas. They will match the first $600 you contribute for each child. Even if they've run out of money for the year, there may be a waiting list.
  • Prescription Drug Abuse among Teens : There are steps you can take to prevent your pre-teen or teenager from using prescription drugs inappropriately. Find out what you need to do to keep them safe in your own house and when they are out.
  • College Board : Information on colleges for parents and students.
  • Military One Source : 24/7 Resources for military families and veterans.
  • Connect with kidsConnect with kids series... a partnership with Sprint.
  • Community Service Ideas : Expand your community service initiatives to all parts of thecommunity or find something you can do from home. The possibilities are endless and this website helps you find something that fits your lifestyle.
  • Power of parent handbook : MADD presents the Power of Parents handbook.  A useful tool to help navigate the teenage years.

  •  Cell Phone Safety - Channel 13 Story

  • Top 11 sites used by students beyond Facebook kids-are-heading-to-after-facebook

Student Information

· Kindness Ideas

· Finding Kind



Bullying Information  

· Teaching Tolerance: A great website about tolerance for all types of diversity.

· Internet Safety : Teach internet safety to your children. Technology plays a major role in their lives today and much of bullying is done through technology. Protect your children from making detrimental mistakes.

· : A website that gives tips and tricks for dealing with negative peer pressure online. This includes pressure from friends and relationship interests.

· Healthy Relationships : Now is the time to teach about healthy relationships and the dangers of dating violence.

· Kansas Safe Schools Resource Center: Kansas Safe Schools Resource Center.


Blue Valley School District

· Blue Valley Multi-Service Center: For resources for students and families, check out the Blue Valley Multi-Service Center. They can help with food, financial assistance in the community and through the state, school supplies, and connect you with community resources for just about anything. It is completely confidential.

·  Blue Valley Counseling Services : Blue Valley Counseling Services information

· Blue Valley Graduation Requirements : Blue Valley's high school graduation requirements

· Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS):  Middle School is the time to begin learning about the CAPS program for Blue Valley High Schoolers. If students are interested in this program, they can begin planning their high school schedule their freshman year in order to better allow for this unbelievable program during their junior and/or senior years. 

  •  Blue Valley Student Well-Being website:

The Blue Valley School District is committed to helping each child become more than he or she ever hoped to be. Ensuring student well-being is a priority for the district. Students’ over-all well-being is both an important part of being ready to learn each day, as well as being ready for life beyond high school including college and career readiness.


As part of our efforts, a website has been developed to be a resource for our community as we collaboratively strive to ensure student well-being.  Information includes the topics of Healthy Minds (Resiliency, Depression, and Suicide Prevention) and Healthy Choices (Healthy Decision Making, Substance Abuse Prevention).  This project was made possible through a generous grant from the Blue Valley Education Foundation.

The website can be viewed at:




Important Numbers:

Office (main line) 913-239-5200
Fax 913-239-5248
Counseling (office) 239-5216




Classroom Counseling Lessons

Naviance:  Career Readiness Program - To help raise student accountability and performance in academic performance and overall workplace and college readiness

School Success:  Stress Management, Organization, Time Management, Learning Strategies

Bully Prevention:  Defining bullying and conflict, bully prevention strategies, and creating a positive, safe learning environment for ALL students

Project Alert:  A substance abuse prevention program for 7th and 8th graders. 





Middle School Curriculum Guide