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Program dates for 2016-17:

3rd Grade: October 20, 2016  

4th Grade: February 9, 2017

5th Grade: April 20, 2017

More information will come home as we get closer to the performance dates.







 What can parents do to further their young children's musical development?

During music classes for our younger students at SRE, we focus on developing healthy, tuneful singing voices, discovering different ways to move to music and solidifying a steady beat.  These broad concepts and skills are the basis for everything we do in music from preschool to old age. 

The best thing parents can do for their child is to sing together often (at bed time, on car rides, when you are doing household chores - just like the old days).  Also, dance with your child - When my son was little I would dance around the room with him moving to the music. That movement helped him develop a feel for steady beat and meter that has served him well now that he's playing the violin in his high school orchestra.  Play hand clap games that you learned as a child, nursery rhymes, jump rope chants and fingerplays (such as “here is the church, here is the steeple”); anything that is spoken to a steady beat will help your child internalize a steady beat.  Finally, play a variety of different kinds of music at home - Classical is great, but also jazz, bluegrass, folk, pop, and music from other countries and cultures.  I-tunes is a great resource - just poke around and discover music that YOU like, and share that with your family. 

We learn new songs and games and play different instruments all the time in music.  When your son or daughter comes home from school on a day that we’ve had music class, ask him/her to sing some of the songs or to tell you about a game we played.  Let her sing a song for grandma over the phone - every time she gets to sing by herself she's developing her voice and her self esteem as a musician.

You don’t have to be a professional musician to do these things – you just have to love your child want to share the music you love with her.  I guarantee you'll have a lot of fun together!