Lights! Camera! Action! WHRT is Heartland's morning announcements broadcast program. Students in 4th and 5th grades can join this group that meets before school. The program is operated by two 5th grade students who rotate quarterly to run the software and hardware equipment and overseen by a staff member. A five student crew rotates bi-weekly through different jobs daily; namely anchors, weather/fun fact, scroll and camera. The WHRT sponsor is Mrs. Mathur.



    Safety Patrol is a community service opportunity for 5th-grade students at Heartland. These students arrive early and stay after school to assist teachers with the lower lot car drop off/pick up duties. Look for these responsible students in their safety vests greeting students and opening car doors. Mrs. Aitken is the sponsor of this group.



    Student Counsel is a small group of class-elected representatives from 4th and 5th grades. The students meet once or twice a month on Friday mornings and work together to do community service and other projects which benefit Heartland. This is a student-led group guided by Mrs. Pool, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Aitken, and Miss Biel.