• Get to know your teacher!

  • Welcome to my class! I'm so excited to spend the 2018-2019 school year with you. I know I'll have a chance to learn more about you, but you may want to know some things about me, too.

    This is my 15th year teaching at Oak Hill. I've taught all but one of those years in fourth grade. I am so lucky to spend my days with my awesome teammates, Mrs. Jeter and Ms. Reicks. Come visit us at the end of Pod C. 

    We like to try new things in 4th grade like contests on Sumdog.com, new field trips, and fun activities during different subject areas. Have you ever imagined a new kind of plant or animal? We'll create our own plants and animals based on what we've learned this year.

    I've lived in Overland Park my whole life, except for the four years I lived in Lawrence to attend the University of Kansas. Go Jayhawks! I don't get back to Lawrence as much as I would like, but I'm glued to my TV during the NCAA basketball tournament to see how far my Jayhawks will go!

    I have one schnoodle, Minnie, who is a very friendly dog, and likes to think she's a human. When we go to the dog park (and sometimes run into OHE kids), she spends most of her time with the dog owners. I got married in November of 2016. We enjoy cooking together and going to movies. Minnie loves Patrick and she loves her walks most often when Patrick joins us.

    I have one sister, who lives in Prairie Village with her husband and two daughters. I like to spend time with family, and my sister's daughters are constantly changing, so I like to see them as often as I can. Georgia will celebrate her sixth birthday in November, and Ellen will be ten in December. Both of them are really funny, and we enjoy coloring and spending time outside. On my husband's side, we have two nephews and three nieces. We are so lucky to have family close and we enjoy being with them as much as everyone's busy schedules allow!

    In my free time, I love to work on my photography. I'm taking pictures every day, and will post some pictures of classroom activities on my Twitter and Instagram accounts (@OHEHadley). I also like to hang out with friends, go shopping (Target is a favorite spot), go out to eat (SPIN Pizza and ice cream are always on the top of our lists), or do some kind of crafts during the winter when it's too cold to be out and about. I enjoy traveling and like to visit friends when I can.

    When school starts, we'll play some games to learn more about each other. What are your favorite foods, colors, sports and subjects? I like most kinds of food, but I'm a wimp when it comes to spicy foods! I LOVE the color pink, and you'll find it all over the classroom. I don't play sports, but love to watch college basketball and love both summer and winter Olympics. My favorite subject to teach is Social Studies (this year we're using some new materials to teach our 4th grade material), and Math is a close second. I don't drink coffee or tea, but you'll find me most days with flavored water, and sometimes a diet soda after lunch. I like to try new things related to technology in the classroom, and I hope you'll be open to trying new things, too! We'll learn together.

    If you have more questions ... ask! Here's to a fantastic school year!