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    Reading Enjoyment and Appreciation of Literature (R.E.A.L.) is a literacy and literary enrichment program for students in Kindergarten through 2nd Grade.  Combining read-aloud and free voluntary reading, REAL exists as an integral part of the Library Media Program and is a component of a balanced reading program.  Through REAL, Valley Park students receive a broad exposure to quality books and authors, a variety of text types, pleasurable experiences with literature, exposure to library life skills and a designated time each week for recreational reading.

    Blue Valley REAL Program Guide 2006


    Our Library Paraeducator, Mrs. Rebecca Day, facilitates the REAL program at Valley Park.  The REAL class is structured but the atmosphere is relaxed.  Mrs. Day begins the class with a short introduction that may include information about an author, a short book talk, a library life skills lesson, or activities designed to motivate reading followed by poetry time and a read aloud.  A silent reading time with time set aside for students to take turns reading individually with Mrs. Day concludes our lesson time together each week.



     Bill Martin Jr. Picture Book Award Nominees for 2017 - 2018

    For the 2017 - 2018 school year we will be exploring the 10 titles nominated for the Bill Martin Jr. Picture Book Award!  VPE Kindergartners, 1st Graders and 2nd Graders will participate in our voting time to determine Valley Park's winner!  Our VPE vote will be forwarded to The Kansas Reading Association (KRA) to be added to the state wide vote. Final results for the winner should be announced in April 2018.  For more information on the Bill Martin Jr. Picture Book Award and the 2017 - 2018 nominee list, please view the Powerpoint presentation attached.

    Ask your Kindergartner, 1st Grader, 2nd Grader about the following Bill Martin Jr. Picture Book Award nominee titles we are reading:


    • Always Remember by CeCe Meng
    • Chicken Story Time by Sandy Asher
    • Cowpoke Clyde Rides Again by Lori Mortensen
    • Daniel Finds a Poem by Micha Archer
    • The Gingerbread Man Loose at the Zoo by Laura Murray
    • My Friend Maggie by Hannah Harrison
    • Plants Can't Sit Still by Rebecca Hirsch
    • Shh!  Bears Sleeping by David Martin
    • The Uncorker of Ocean Bottles by Michelle Cuevas
    • The Water Princess by Susan Verde