• Steps for K-2 SchoolCenter Picture

    Based on the Super 3 found at http://www.big6.com/kids/K-2.htm

     1.  Plan :  What do you need to learn?

      How will you learn?

      How will you show you learned something?

     2.  Do :  What will you use to learn?

      Find what you need.

      Do the job! 

     3.  Review :  Is my job done?

     Did I do my best?

    Am I ready to turn my work in?


      Steps for grades 3-5

    Based on the Big 6 http://www.big6.com/kids/3-6.htm SchoolCenter Picture

    1.  Know your job.

    2.  Plan how you will do your job.

    3.  Find your sources and information.

    4.  Use the information.

    5.  Show what I learn.

    6.  Decide if I did my job well.