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     Check out what the second graders will know after the first half of the year!
    I can: name four classroom items from a visual cue.
    I can: follow two-step oral classroom directions.
    I can: locate Puerto Rico, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic on a map.
    I can: recognize six types of weather.
    I can: skip count by five's to sixty.
    I can: recognize four numbers 0-30 out of sequence.
    I can: recognize four modes of transportation from a visual cue.
      Aside from these assessed skills, the second graders will also learn and work on the following skills.
    Days of the week
    Personal Questions: What is your phone number?
    How you are feeling (physically): cold, tired, hot, sick
    Continents: know the locations of the seven continents
    Landforms: ocean, sea, island, beach, rainforest