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    2nd Grade

  • There is so much learning going on in 2nd grade, it is hard to keep up with the students.  Everything is starting to make sense.  We come to school to learn new things but also to make new friends.  Second graders know that we have to take a break from learning and they will tell you the best part of their day is recess and lunch. 

    Friendships are forming and like it or not, some children are being left out or not chosen.  Part of my job as the school counselor is to make sure that everyone is connected to someone.  My counselor lessons cover the Blue Valley Virtues of Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, Kindness, Self Discipline, Honesty, Courage, and Perseverance with an emphasis on Friendship, being kind to others, and student expectations and behaviors. Please ask your child what they did during Counselor time which is 30 minutes, every other week.