• Guidance lessons are conducted in each classroom every other week for grades 1-5 and every week for the Kindergarten classrooms. Lessons are designed from the Counseling Curriculum or from the Blue Valley Virtues. All lessons are interactive between the students and the counselor. Sometimes we read a story and then hold a discussion about its contents, play a game to reinforce a life skill, watch a video or do a worksheet about a particular topic that is critical to that age group.
     August Guidance- Rights and Responsibilities Lessons  
    Kindergarten: Introduce the Counselor (what do I do) Story - The Puppy Who Went to School (feelings about who stays home while you come to school, and discovering the  areas, rooms, and people at school)
    1st grade: Intro. to the Counselor using puppets to describe my job 
    2nd grade: Intro. to the Counselor using puppets to describe my job.
    3rd grade: Intro. to the Counselor, Self referral forms and Lunch Bunch
    4th grade: Intro. to the Counselor, Self referral forms and Lunch Bunch
    5th grade: Intro. to the Counselor ,Self referral forms, Llunch Bunch and Community Service Form 
    September Guidance- Respect  Lessons
    Kindergarten: Talk about personal space, manners, and respect  Books - Bear Your Manners Are Showing, and Rainbow Fish.  Activity - Doing an "inside/outside" circle to practice showing good manners to our classmates. Color a half sheet of Rainbow Fish and his new friends.  
    1st grade: Book - You Look Ridiculous. Activity-Inside/Outside circle to practice giving and receiving compliments  Respect song and worksheet for respecting self, others, property and envionment. 
    2nd grade: Book-Personal Space Camp and Book- Carla's Sandwich Discussion about personal body space and respecting differences. 
    3rd grade: Worksheet - I Am Unique, Story - Oliver Onion
    4th grade: Activity - fill out a Coat Of Arms on yourself. Bullying Stories- Classic Bully Story and Lemon Flavored Bully.
    5th grade: Activities-do The Power Shuffle and play the game of Telephone to demonstrate how gossip works, Book -Mr. Peabody's Apples 
    October Guidance-Responsibility Lessons   
    Kindergarten: Teamwork and talk about friendship Stories - Rainbow Fish Activity - Working as a team to put puzzles together  
    1st grade: Worksheet - What Can I Do If I Am Bullied?  Responsibility Read Todd Parr Earth book and Peace Book
     2nd grade: Book - A Bad Case Of Tattle Tongue. What Would You Do - Bullying worksheet 
    3rd grade: Story - Bully On The Bus . worksheet- What Should I Do If I Am Bullied? Rules and why we have them responsibility lesson
    4th grade:  Activity - small group role plays of Responsibility Scenes 
    5th grade: Activity - place yourself on The Bully Circle (Olweus model) Lesson on Reponsibilities at school and why we have rules
    November Guidance-Compassion Lessons  
    Kindergarten: Problem Solving Stories - Rooster Can't ****-a Doodle Doo, Taking Care of Mom , The Crayon Box That Talked and work with a partner to draw a picture
     1st grade: Compassion - book,I Can Make A Difference. Worksheet#1  
    2nd grade:  Game called Listening, Thinking, Doing (students have to be responsible for their part of the game so that their classmates can do their part next)
    Story - The Goodness Gorillas about compassion
    3rd grade: Story - Enemy Pie , and Hey Little Ant.  Discuss compassion.
    4th grade: Compassion Book - Rainbow Crow. Game-Friendship Bingo
    5th grade: Wingtime Kindness and Compassion. Emtional Outlet worksheet.
    December Guidance-Compassion Lessons
    Kindergarten: Feelings Stories - Imogene's Antlers and Elliot's Emergency   Lesson about feelings Worksheet - Feelings In My Heart
    1st grade: Book - Today I Feel Silly, draw a picture of how you feel today and share why you feel that way  
    2nd grade: Feelings/Compassion Stories - students will work in pairs to read the books and report out to the class what they found out about that particular feeling
    3rd grade: Video - You're Mean, what you can do if someone is being mean to you.
    4th grade:  Bingo game worksheet using the same terms from the bingo game to understand friendships.  
    5th grade:  DVD - Dealing with Feelings
    January Guidance-Kindness Lessons   
    Kindergarten: Worksheet - students will draw a picture of something that makes them special Stories about how we are different and special - Marcella and the Moon, and Ruby The Copycat. Game - Simon Says and Monkey See Monkey Do  
    1st grade: Worksheet - Interest Search, finding what interests you have in common   with your classmates and what makes you special  Stories - Odd Velvet  
    2nd grade:  Worksheet - Interest Search with a classmate to find out how they are alike and different  Stories - Franny B. Kranny, There's A Bird In Your Hair
    3rd grade: Worksheet - Interview your classmate to find out something new about them and see what you have in common.
    4th grade:  Play Friendship Bingo Game Worksheet using the same terms that were in the game. 
    5th grade:  Multiple Intelligences Computer Survey.  Discuss possible vocations that fit their strengths.
    February Guidance-Honesty Lessons
    Kindergarten:   Books:The Gingerbread Boy, The Kinderkittens and Who Stole The Cookies From The Cookie Jar? Honesty Lesson- looking at different pictures of students doing honest or dishonest things.  
    1st grade: Students will work with a partner using a penny to decide if the stories read to them are displaying honesty or dishonesty.  
    2nd grade:  Book - The Big Enourmous Lie  
    3rd grade: Book -The Empty Pot Activity - play the game Two Truths and a Lie Discussion - what does honesty look like, sound like, feel like?  
    4th grade: Sitting on the Hot Seat - students must respond quickly and honestly as to what they would do in a situation that is read to them.  Stories taken from Stories To Talk About, Ethical Choices.
    5th grade:   Stories taken from, If You Had To Choose, What Would You Do? Sitting in the Hot Seat to answer how/what you would do in a given situation.
    March Guidance-Self Discipline 
    Kindergarten: Book - Don't Give Up Josephine, The Playground Bully. Discussion time about using Self Discipline  
    1st grade:  Book - Purple, Green, and Yellow.  Self Discipline discussions.
    Cooperation Quilt worksheet.  Students have to fill in the quilt as we discuss making good choices with our friends.
    2nd grade:  Book - My Mouth Is A Volcano.  Self Discipline discussions.
    Watch a DVD on Safety Awareness.  
    3rd grade:   Attitude choices worksheet/ self discipline.  Watch a DVD about making good choices and staying safe.  
    4th grade:  Space crew problem worksheet/ self discipline.  Watch a DVD about   Decisions and Conflicts.  
    5th grade:  Sea voyage problem worksheet/ self discipline. Watch a DVD about Dealing with Your Changing Feelings.  
    April Guidance-Perseverance Lessons   
    KindergartenBooks: The Little Engine That Could and The Tortoise and the Hare
    Students will learn about perseverance, do a worksheet, and tell a classmate about something they have been working hard on and can now do it.  
    1st grade:  Book: Regina's Big Mistake.  Students will be given a worksheet with a mark on it. They have to make the mark into a picture of their choice and then share with their classmates. Students will fill in a "Can Do" sheet with all the things they can do now that they couldn't do before by using perseverance.  
    2nd grade: Kite design worksheet.  Students will tell about something they have been working on, the steps they have taken and who is helping them to persevere until they reach their goal.
    3rd grade: Making good choices video. Star goal worksheet with four steps they are taking to reach their goal.   
    4th grade:  Making good choices video. Collaboration Squares team game that takes perseverance to complete.  
    5th grade:  Career Exploration Worksheet.  Students will place jobs into
    May Guidance-Courage Lessons   
    Kindergarten: Book: He Bear, She Bear.  Students will begin thinking about what they want to be when they grow up.  They will share a laminated picture with a partner of a person doing a job and then share what they know about that job with the class. Worksheet: My Kindergarten Friends Autograph Page.  
    1st grade: Book: Molly The Brave and Me. Discussion about courage and sharing when we may have used courage in our life to get over a worry.  
    2nd grade: Book: Spaghetti in a Hotdog Bun. The class will see how it takes courage to stand up for what you like even when a bully tries to put you down for it.
    3rd grade:  Using an ELMO overhead, students will discuss 10 ways to show courage and share when they have used courage in their life.  
    Worksheet, Four scenes where students are being mean.  Class will have to say what they woudl do in theat situations that would take courage to do.
    4th grade:  Game: Collaboration Squares.  Students will work in small groups to complete four squares that have been cut apart in different ways.    
    5th grade:Students will fill in a Crystal Ball picture with their accomplishments in Elementary school, goals for Middle School and High School and plans or goals for when they become adults.