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    4th Grade

  • Fourth grade is another transition year for your child.  Similar to 2nd grade, friendships are extremely important only now they are gender specific and it feels like the end of the world when a friendship is in danger of ending.  Counselor lessons focus on friendly vs. unfriendly teasing, managing conflicts, and making good decisions as well as remembering to use the Blue Valley Virtues of Respect, Responsibility, Compassion, Kindness, Self Discipline, Honesty, Courage, and Perseverance.  Please ask your child what they talked about during Counselor time which is 30 minutes, every other week.

    Ten minutes of homework per grade level is the norm so you should expect that a 4th grader will have about 40 minutes of homework a night.  Many students this age are actively involved in exracurricular activities.  Juggling school and these activities can be tricky. Please remember not to over schedule your child and set aside time for that homework to get done as well.