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For the 2020-21 school year, students will have an all-virtual option, VirtualED. This option is open to all Blue Valley students and will provide an experience grounded in Blue Valley curriculum and taught by Blue Valley teachers. Registration for VirtualED closed on Aug. 5.

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    Our courses are based on Kansas state standards and Blue Valley curriculum. Online courses were developed by Blue Valley teachers trained in online learning and virtual design tools. Courses are taught by Blue Valley teachers who provide age-appropriate instruction and 1:1 support. During live or synchronous sessions, students will engage with their teacher and their classmates on a regular basis, learning from one another and building relationships. 

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    6 hours/day for All Students


    3-5 Hours per core subject (4)

    1 Hour per special (4)

    + synchronous lessons, class meetings

    and SEL programming

    Middle and High School

    3-5 Hours per week per course

    Weekly synchronous sessions

    MS = 4 Core + 3 Elective

    HS = 7 Courses


    Live sessions, collaborating with classmates, reading, playing games, listening to audio clips, watching videos, taking quizzes/tests, writing


    Homework, projects, experiments, independent practice, reading


    Direct instruction from a teacher, small group work, class discussions, class culture building activities

    All Levels 

    Families of all students are required to monitor their student daily, ensure students are making weekly progress in the course and help their student navigate the course. 

    Grades K-2

    Younger students will require additional parental supervision and support in course navigation and proceeding through coursework. As students gain the ability to read independently, less assistance will be needed. 


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