Blue Valley Virtual Option 2021-22



    A virtual option will play an important future role for Blue Valley students. As part of the strategic plan, Blue Valley continues to work toward providing students with increased access to learning opportunities in a variety of formats. When fully realized and after the virtual program fulfills its purpose during the current pandemic, virtual learning in Blue Valley will provide enhanced access for high school students and a virtual option for middle and elementary school students.  

    The virtual option for 2021-22 is a step in that direction. Currently, the formation of a K-12 virtual school as defined by the Kansas Department of Education is in the process of development. While this designation is not finalized, we can share information that is known at this time about the virtual experience beginning next year. Additional information will be provided in the future when available along with answers to additional questions you may have.

    All Blue Valley students are eligible for the virtual option. For more information about how to determine if your student is a good fit for virtual learning, visit the Is the Virtual Option Right for Me? page.

    At the high school level, movement toward a more asynchronous and flexible learning program is in the works. In 2021-22, high school students will have the ability to engage with most coursework anytime, anywhere. This increased schedule flexibility allows students to pursue internships, take a college course, pursue other activities or work part-time in an area of their future career. Additionally, it allows students for whom the typical high school environment is not optimal, a choice in how, when and where they learn.  No longer a program in response to a crisis, the virtual option will evolve to be more in line with successful virtual learning schools across the country. Information included on the Profiles of High School Virtual Students page can help families envision the types of students for whom the virtual option is best suited.


  • Eligibility

  • Age Requirements

  • Special Education Supports in General Education

  • Gifted Education Programming

  • Special Education Related Services

  • Middle and High School Sports and Activities

  • District and State Assessments

  • Students Who Receive ESOL Support

  • Teachers

  • Accelerated Students

  • Counseling Services

  • Supports for Learning

  • Attendance

  • Cost

  • Devices

  • Internet Access

  • Breakfast and Lunch

  • School or District Closure


    During the enrollment period in the spring semester of 2021, students will have the opportunity to enroll in the virtual option. At the high school level, students will have the additional option to enroll in a flex model where they may select a combination of some virtual courses and some in-person courses. This enrollment selection will be for the full 2021-22 school year.  Elementary students will indicate their preference (in-person or virtual) during the online registration process, while middle and high school students will indicate this during the enrollment process facilitated by their home schools.


    When do students and families make this decision?

    • Elementary - Select during Online Registration (opens February 16 for new families; opens April for current families)

    • Middle School - Select during spring enrollment facilitated by home schools

    • High School - Select during spring enrollment facilitated by home schools


    Will there be an opportunity to change a student's enrollment?
    As families consider their options for 2021-22, it is acknowledged that making a learning mode decision in February for the fall is difficult given the large number of unknowns. To allow for this unique circumstance, families who have selected the in-person option (or flex at the high school level) will have an opportunity in July to make a change to the full-time virtual option. There will not be an open enrollment or learning mode reselection period in the summer, but rather, the opportunity to move a student to the full-time the virtual setting. The only move a student will be allowed to make in July is to the full-time virtual option.

    Families who feel uneasy about their decision are encouraged to enroll in the in-person option. This allows for the flexibility of moving to full-time virtual, as desired, once more information is available during the summertime. Students who enroll in the full-time virtual or high school flex option in the spring will not have the opportunity to change this enrollment selection after spring enrollment. 

    Middle and high school students will make their course selections during the spring enrollment period. If a middle or high school student who has chosen the in-person option decides to move to full-time virtual in July, they will be enrolled in the virtual counterpart of the courses they selected in the spring. If one of their course selections is not available in the virtual format, a counselor will reach out to the student to find a resolution.


    Students who register for the all-virtual option will be asked to commit to the program for a full school year. If a student is not achieving success in the virtual setting, virtual staff will work to provide support to students to ensure they are maximizing their learning potential in the virtual setting. 


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