• The Blue Valley Board of Education values the active engagement and participation of the local community in district matters. To foster this collaboration, the Board establishes Advisory Committees to seek counsel and encourage broad community involvement in addressing district issues. These committees serve as vital channels for gathering diverse perspectives and input as the district evolves, enabling the Board to effectively engage with the community on important matters.


    Although the Board of Education may add or delete committees on an as needed basis, current standing committees include Communications, Curriculum and Instruction, Facility Planning, Finance and Operations, Health and Well-being, Student Activities, and Diversity Equity and Inclusion.  


    • 2024 - 2025 Board Advisory Committee applications will be made available on April 1, 2024.


    • New and returning patrons may complete the application online. 


    • The Board of Education will appoint committee members between June and October each year.


    • Committee members serve two-year terms.


    Members of Board Advisory Committees should conduct themselves in a manner that elevates public discourse and demonstrates good judgment and decorum. Spirited discussion and debate are encouraged. Where there is disagreement, the expectation is that such disagreement is expressed civilly and with respect for other perspectives. Advisory Committee members shall demonstrate respect and civility toward individual District staff members, Board members, or other Advisory Committee members, whether in public meetings or via social media outlets. It is up to each member to maintain a professional and productive environment. 



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