In 2022-23 we are #BVTogether


    Nestled in the heart of northeastern Kansas is a place not found on a map. It is not a city, a township or a village, but say the name to anyone in the area and they'll know exactly where to find it. It is a community banded together. It is Blue Valley. 



    Blue Valley Schools has grown from three elementary schools and one high school in 1965 to now 35 schools — soon to be 36 with the addition of Elementary 24 — and four programs. Today we serve more than 22,000 students. While this district has continued to grow, one thing has remained the same. For more than 55 years this community has worked together to provide extraordinary educational opportunities for students. 



    It is that sense of togetherness that tells the story of Blue Valley. It is the support of this district from local businesses, families and community members. It is the relentless work of our exemplary educators, support staff, administrators, coaches and sponsors. It is the dedication and achievements of our students. It takes an entire community to build a successful school district.


    This year we want to highlight the togetherness of this community in our classrooms, on the field and stage, and beyond. Join us in using #BVTogether. 

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