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  • Icon of a target Blue Valley’s mission has never been more important as we navigate this ever-changing world amid a global pandemic, while prioritizing what matters most: our students. The 2020 school year brought many challenges and opportunities with COVID-19, and looking ahead, we know that the 2021-22 school year will not be without its own set of challenges. 


    Next year, our district will face a nearly $4 million budget deficit, which accounts for approximately 2 percent of our overall budget. The district reached out to staff and families during January and February for Listen and Learn Budget Sessions.


    During the sessions, participants had the opportunity to:


    • View a short video about the budget deficit
    • Share thoughts and ideas around two questions
      • What do you value most in Blue Valley Schools?
      • What could we reimagine, suspend, reduce or discontinue from the budget and why do you think it is a good option?


    Feedback from the 50+ Listen and Learn sessions was presented to the Board of Education at their February meeting and will be used to guide the district’s 2021-22 budget recommendations. 



    The Listen & Learn budget sessions feedback told us that staff and patrons valued and wanted to see the following protected from budget reductions: 

    • Salary and benefits that attract and retain quality teachers
    • Classroom size
    • Education programs
    • Extracurricular activities
    • SEL/Mental health efforts


    This important feedback guided the budget recommendations work. The recommendations honored what staff and patrons asked us to protect while also balancing the budget. Budget recommendations approved by the board at the March meeting include:

    2021-22 Budget Reduction Plan. Projected savings of $4,237,000

    As we strategically plan for the future, we are committed to operating with a balanced budget while prioritizing what is best for kids. The strategic plan will require us to rethink and reimagine learning so our students can change the world. To do this, we are establishing study committees to review:

    • High school course offerings, bell schedules and resource allocation
    • Elementary school specials schedule and resource allocation
    • Operational efficiencies including school start times and transportation 


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    December 2020 BOE meeting


    January 2021 BOE meeting


    February 2021 BOE meeting (Budget update presentation


    March 2021 BOE meeting (Budget update presentation)