• During each legislative session, updates are made to this page and include information regarding the latest legislative discussions taking place in Topeka. Contact information for Johnson County Legislators is available on the Legislative Officials link. We encourage you to review the Blue Valley School District's Legislative Positions as well. Thank you for your interest in learning more about issues facing the Blue Valley School District during the legislative session. 


  • Joint letter to Governor Kelly

  • Bill: SB 455 (written only)

  • Bill: SB 435 (proponent)

  • Bill: HB 2553 (written only)

  • Bill: HB 2550 – Student Empowerment Act (opponent)


  • Fund Special Education at Statutory Amounts

    The current school finance system should be modified to fund the excess cost of special education to the 92 percent statutory limit.


    Apply At-Risk Funding to Defined Student Measures

    The current school finance system should be modified to include poverty factors and additional indicators such as ELL, student academic performance data, attendance data, foster care, juvenile justice, and homelessness, so as to meet the needs of these underserved student populations.


    Enhance Student Mental Health

    The Blue Valley School District urges expanded support for community-based behavioral and mental health initiatives. Further, the Blue Valley School District supports measures aimed at eliminating the possession, distribution and use of vaping products among school-aged students.


    Eliminate Tax Credits and Vouchers for Private Schools

    The Blue Valley School District opposes public funding of private schools, including offering public tax credits that decrease state revenue, that do not comply with the same standards and requirements of public-school districts, including governance by an elected local school board.