Three Board of Education positions will be up for election in November 2021 including positions in the Northeast area, Northwest area and South area. More information can be found at www.jocoelection.org

    Blue Valley Board of Education members live within their individual geographic member districts and are elected by a voting plan whereby six members live in geographic member districts and one runs at large.


    In a primary election, only residents from the geographic member district vote for the candidates. In all general elections, all residents vote for all candidates. This method reinforces the district's belief that all members represent all children in Blue Valley. Board members are elected to four-year terms. All seven serve the entire district without pay.
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  • Open Forum occurs at every regularly scheduled monthly board meeting and provides one hour (approx. 20 participants; 3 minutes each) of allotted time on the agenda for individuals to address the board. Patrons who would like to speak during open forum may speak in-person. If you would like to address the board, you must complete the Open Forum Request Form. Request forms will open at noon one business day prior to the scheduled meeting and will close at noon on the day of the board meeting or before if speaker capacity has been reached. Masks will not be mandated, but will be highly encouraged inside Blue Valley buildings for those individuals who have not been fully vaccinated. Masks are optional for fully vaccinated individuals. Please note, due to social distancing, in-person seating will be limited to those staff members being honored with an award or recognition and patrons who have signed up for open forum through the Open Forum Request Form (up to 20 participants).


    Addressing the Board of Education During Open Forum

    For detailed instructions on speaking in open forum, please view this informational document.

    I submitted a form online - how do I know if I am one of the 20 alloted speakers?
    Patrons who submit an online Open Forum Request Form prior to the 20 speaker capacity will receive an automated email from the district confirming their spot as one of the 20 open forum speakers. This email will also include additional instructions about the open forum process. Request forms will open at noon one business day prior to the scheduled meeting and will close at noon on the day of the board meeting or before if speaker capacity has been reached. If you click the link to the form once it has closed, you will be redirected to an automated message and will be unable to submit a form. 


  • The Blue Valley School District is proud to offer livestreaming of Board of Education meetings. As part of the district’s commitment to providing a safe, socially distanced environment for patrons, as well as open and transparent communication, patrons are invited to tune in virtually through the district’s livestream

    A link to each meeting livestream will be posted on the district website for patrons on the day of the meeting shortly before the meeting begins. The livestreams will be hosted on Blue Valley’s Board of Education YouTube channel and video recordings of all meetings will be accessible on YouTube at the conclusion of the livestream.

    Interpreter services are always available via livestream. If you need these services and plan to attend in-person, please submit a request to bvinfo@bluevalleyk12.org by noon on the day of the board meeting.


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