Blue Valley leads the way in Kansas with 56 National Merit Semifinalists

Blue Valley School District is thrilled to announce an extraordinary milestone in academic excellence that sets the standard for educational achievement in the state of Kansas. With an astonishing 56 high school seniors recognized as National Merit Semifinalists, Blue Valley continues to be the undisputed leader in the state's educational landscape, accounting for a remarkable 39% of all National Merit Semifinalists in Kansas, the most in any Kansas school district.


These extraordinary seniors, representing less than one percent of high school seniors nationwide, have achieved this distinguished honor through their outstanding performance on the Preliminary SAT (PSAT) tests. Their remarkable achievement underscores the unwavering commitment to academic excellence within the Blue Valley School District.


This accolade is not only a testament to the hard work and dedication of the students, but also reflects the exceptional quality of instruction and support provided by Blue Valley's educators and administrators.


The future looks even brighter for Blue Valley's semifinalists as they now have the incredible opportunity to compete for approximately 7,140 National Merit Scholarships valued at nearly $28 million, which will be awarded next spring. To advance to the finalist level of the competition and be considered for a Merit Scholarship® award, Blue Valley's semifinalists will need to fulfill several rigorous requirements, demonstrating their academic prowess, extracurricular achievements, and leadership capabilities.


Blue Valley’s 2024 National Merit Semifinalists include:



Boda, Haya I.

Challa, Suditi R.

Cierpiot, Louis A.

Ding, Benjamin R.

Juhl, Aiden F.

Kim, Miles N.

Lim, Elizabeth C.

Mu, Edward L.

Newsom, Alexa K.

Pearson, Anna K.

Peck, Charles K.

Sadagopan, Rhea

Schafer, Quinten A.

Steven, Joseph F.

Tarjan, Noah J.

Wiggins, Lukas A.



Deardorff, Benjamin L.

Krishnan, Shreyas

Kumar, Shivam

Li, Kevin K.

Waller, Samuel C.

Wang, Megan



Burgener, Reese S.

Gembala, Connor G.

Jafari, Kamron M.

Orme, Adam J.



Abid, Sadiya

Calvez, Alexander Y.

Chalasani, Mallikarjuna R.

Ganne, Arya

House, Alina Z.

Iyengar, Leena

Mishra, Layhan E.

Narne, Dhiren

Ravella, Pranith K.

Seo, Eric Y.

Takalkar, Soumya

Vogel, Avery N.

Wang, Cheryl

Xue, Rebecca B.



Cho, Lindsay H.

Edwards, David J.

Fardipour, Kayvon

Gordon, Joshua A.

Hagen, Carter R.

Haideri, Noor A.

Jercha, David A.

Jiang, Edward J.

Loveland, Georgia C.

Perkins, John H.

Peterson, Arden M.

Rangaraj, Suryabalan

Safi, Nickan

Stewart, Liam J.

VonSeldeneck, Jaysen L.

Wingrove, Broderick