Bre McGranahan named 2024 Kansas Master Teacher

Congratulations to Blue Valley educator, Bre McGranahan, for being named a 2024 Kansas Master Teacher. Emporia State University established the Kansas Master Teacher awards in 1954. The awards are presented annually to seven teachers across the state who have served the profession long and well and typify the good qualities of earnest and conscientious teachers.  

McGranahan, an intensive resource teacher at Stanley Elementary, began her teaching career in 2015 and joined the Blue Valley School District in 2022. McGranahan believes every child deserves a quality, accessible education, regardless of ability or background. 


“Our role as educators is not only teaching the content but also finding what each child is passionate about and using that to help each child meet their individual goals,” McGranahan said. 


Kale Mann, a science teacher at Blue Valley High, was also selected as a candidate for the award. Mann started his teaching career in 2002 and has worked at Blue Valley High since 2012. Through his many years of teaching, Mann has shifted his teaching philosophy to become more student-centered and based on real-world applications. He works to ensure he develops what he teaches to be project-based and hands-on. 


“Getting students out of the classroom and into natural spaces is key to this process and one which most students enjoy and respond positively to,” Mann said. 


Congratulations to Bre McGranahan for being named a Master Teacher and Kyle Mann for being selected as a candidate for this prestigious award. Blue Valley is proud to have such impactful and inspiring educators in the district.