• We follow a developmentally appropriate early childhood curriculum geared to children aged 3-5. Our curriculum helps us treat each child as an individual and is respectful of all learning styles. We use a thematic approach to connect learning across domains including language and literacy, early math, motor skills, classroom participation skills, and social skills among others. We use small group, large group and play centers as a way to teach and practice important skills and concepts necessary for success in kindergarten and beyond.


    We follow guidance from national organizations such as the National Association for the Education for Young Children as well as the Kansas Early Learning Standards.


    As a part of Blue Valley Schools, we have a unique opportunity to work alongside our kindergarten colleagues to understand the most important skills and concepts needed for success.




    • All children have the right to a safe and nurturing environment.

    • All children do learn.

    • Children learn best when learning is meaningful, interesting and functional.

    • Children learn best by talking and doing in a social context.

    • All children deserve respect for their individual differences.

    • All children deserve the right to be with same-age peers.

    • All children should know joy.

    • Children respond to a warm, stimulating environment.

    • Children learn through active exploration.

    • Children learn through repetition.

    • Children learn through trial and error and problem-solving.

    • Children need interaction with warm, caring, responsive adults.

    • Children follow the same course of development but at their own pace.