• For more than 20 years, Blue Valley Schools has recognized individuals and organizations in the community who have made outstanding contributions to public education. We call this group our Friends of Education, but we also know them to be part of the Blue Valley family.

    Some of them grew up in the district, directly impacted by our outstanding teachers and staff. Blue Valley cheered them on as they walked across the stage on graduation day. As they got older, some of them smiled through tears as their children walked into their kindergarten class on the first day in the same district they attended. From day one, they have shown their commitment to Blue Valley.

    Some of them never attended Blue Valley but they are a family member of a child who did. They understand the importance of supporting public education and know their dedication to the district means we have the opportunity to guide our students to a successful future.

    To our organizations and businesses — you know how important it is to have community partners that will join forces when called to action. We know the work you do is difficult and we appreciate you prioritizing our students. The district can never thank you enough for your endless and selfless dedication to our students, teachers and community. 


  • The University of Kansas Health System Athletic Trainers

    For 10 years, Blue Valley has partnered with The University of Kansas Health System Athletic Trainers to support and care for our student-athletes. This partnership has been important to the safety and support of Blue Valley student athletes.



    Father’s Club

    The Father’s Club is a dad-led, grassroots effort creating simple ways for dads to be intentional with their kids, with other dads and within the community. From waking up early and handing out food as students walk into school to hosting tailgates for our staff members at sporting events, our Father’s Club are making a difference in the lives of our students and staff. 



    Village Shalom

    Since the inception of the CAPS CNA program, Village Shalom has opened their community to our students for clinical training. Their commitment to our students starts with senior leadership and ends with front-line staff.


    John Constant, owner of Epic Landscape Productions LC

    In 2015, John Constant designed and built a high-level cross country course at Blue Valley Southwest. He invested all of his own resources and time to create a space for not only Blue Valley student-athletes but all Kansas athletes.


    Jinkies! Coffee and Hangout

    Jinkies is a local coffee shop located near 151st and Antioch and it is owned by Blue Valley Southwest graduate Madi Dombrowski and her mom, Lisa Dombrowski. The mother-daughter duo opened the shop in 2021. Last summer as the district was planning Rally in the Valley, our all-staff start-of-the-year celebration, Jinkies made a major contribution to our staff.