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  • During each legislative session, updates are made to this page and include information regarding the latest legislative discussions taking place in Topeka. Contact information for Johnson County Legislators is available on the Legislative Officials link. We encourage you to review the Blue Valley School District's Legislative Positions as well. Thank you for your interest in learning more about issues facing the Blue Valley School District during the legislative session.


  • Legislative priorities, approved by the Blue Valley Board of Education, are a crucial aspect of advocating for the best interests of our students, educators and the community as a whole. These priorities are carefully chosen issues that we believe require attention and action from local, state, or federal legislators. The purpose is to ensure that the policies and laws governing education align with the needs and goals of our district. By establishing legislative priorities, we aim to influence decision-makers to address key challenges, allocate resources effectively, and enact policies that support the success of our students.  The in-depth descriptions of the priorities can be found in the 2024 Legislative Positions document.