All families participating in the district’s meal service program must set up an account with the district’s point of sale software, LINQ Connect, to pay for Meals and A la carte purchases, monitor meal account transactions and receive low-balance notifications.


    *Parent must have a LINQ Connect account with their student/staff meal accounts linked to the Portal dashboard to receive a Low balance notification. Only ONE Low balance notification will be sent when your student/staff meal account balance falls below the notification threshold (default +$5.00) Notification trigger will reset once payment is made and balance is above the threshold) 



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    1. Sign Up

    Sign up at (Use Safari or Chrome)
    Or download LINQ Connect from the Apple Store or Google Play. Click on REGISTER OR SIGN UP TODAY!

    DO NOT use the “Start Meal Application” button (this is for applying for Free & Reduced Meals – If meal assistance is needed, please create your account first and then apply from inside your account.)




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    2. Confirm Email

    Confirm your email address by clicking on the email verification link sent to your email address. 

    Sometimes the email gets sent to your ‘Junk’ or ‘Spam’ folder.

    If you don’t receive a confirmation email, please Contact LINQ Connect helpdesk at 1-844-467-4700, Option 2 then Option 1.





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    3. Sign in

    Now you can sign in at or the LINQ Connect App using your email and password.






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    4. Link Meal Accounts

    Now link student and staff meal accounts to your Family Portal Dashboard.

    Click the ‘+’ in the upper right corner of dashboard.

    Choose ‘Link Student’ or ‘Link Staff’ and enter required information. (Student meal accounts are created in LINQ Connect within 24 hours of enrolling. Staff meal accounts are created by Food & Nutrition upon staff member request by calling 239-4062)





    Families can make payments through the LINQ Connect website Portal or through LINQ Connect's mobile app. Once logged in and meal accounts linked, payments can be made to meal accounts: 


    • Click on + Add Money to Meal Account. 
    • Choose either One Time Payment on Account or New Recurring Payment. 
    • Add money for each student who needs funds (minimum $5)*
      • Make sure you complete all payment fields including shipping address*
    • Complete the transaction.


    One Time Payment on Account- the funds will be immediately available in meal account upon completion of the transaction.


    New Recurring Payment, Please consider using the option to refill based on selected balance threshold; if you choose to make date scheduled payments please monitor your student’s balance to make sure you are not overpaying.

    Recurring payment funds will be available the following day from when the payment is scheduled to be run. For example, if the payment is to be made every Monday, the funds will be available Tuesday morning. 


    *When making an online payment, the system will require a minimum payment of $5.00 (maximum $500.00). If you have multiple students and do not want to add $5 to each student then make a payment to one account and after processing the payment use the instructions below to Transfer funds from one account to another.


    A processing fee will be charged for each Credit Card payment transaction. For example, if you make a $20.00 payment and the processing fee is $2.00, the total debited from your credit card is $22.00. The available funds for your child will be $20.00. The processing fee will be shown prior to processing your transaction. 


    Transferring funds from one meal account to another In LINQ Connect Portal

    • Choose the meal account from which you wish to transfer funds.
    • Click the 3 vertical dots in upper right corner of account window.
    • Choose “Transfer Money” and follow the steps.

    Please refer to the FAQs for step-by-step guidance on how to make an online payment and answers to frequently asked questions






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