Nestled in the heart of northeastern Kansas is a place not found on a map. It is not a city, a township or a village, but say the name to anyone in the area and they'll know exactly where to find it. For those who know it well, this place lives in the identity of local businesses, in school names, on street signs and in the heart of the people. It is a community, an identity and a culture. It is Blue Valley. BV History cover image


    And like any other community, Blue Valley has its own unique history - one de­fined by growth and expansion, excellence and success. A history that all began with a simple school district more than 50 years ago.


    Blue Valley Schools has grown to encompass five high schools, nine middle schools, 21 elementary schools, an alternative high school, the Center for Advanced Professional Studies and Hilltop Campus, all serving 23,000 students. When taking a step back in history, however, it is clear the district did not always look this way.


    In celebration of Blue Valley's 50th anniversary in 2015-16, the district compiled the first-ever history of Blue Valley, told through the eyes of those who lived it. From testimonials highlighting the days of a small-town, rural district to stories of the district's growth and expansion, this historical document provides a broad overview of Blue Valley's 50-year history. Read Blue Valley's 50-year history.


  • Stilwell Consolidated District #8, Oxford District #12 and Stanley District #4 unify to form Southeast Johnson County Unified School District #229. Rivals Stilwell and Stanley High Schools join together to form Blue Valley High.


  • The district adopts the new name Blue Valley School District #229. Enrollment growth nearly quadruples, prompting construction on the district's second high school, Blue Valley North, and unrest among the student population that did not want to split into two schools.


  • Blue Valley North opens and the district experiences the largest one-year growth in its 50-year history, 1000 students from 1987-88. This unprecedented growth rate prompted the opening of two high schools, three middle schools and eight elementary schools between the fall of 1985 and the fall of 1995.


  • Blue Valley welcomes the new millennium with continued growth and an emphasis on academics, safety and service, also known as the "three-legged stool" philosophy.


  • Blue Valley enters into its peak of academic excellence throughout its history with the introduction of innovative programs like the Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS), a focus on personalized student learning, an emphasis on professional development and goals rooted in a solid strategic plan.