• The School Safety Task Force completed a district-wide study to ensure the safest learning environments possible for students, staff and the community. The task force's work included a thorough review, assessment and analysis of all safety practices, physical environments and emergency procedures. During the study, the task force identified additional measures that would support the district school safety presence and environment. The task force and Board of Education supported the following recommendations to create the safest learning environments possible.


    • Formed a District Safety Committee and monitored safety and security measures
      • The District Safety Committee monitored implementation of security measures, and met to review and assess safety practices.


    • Use of P3 Tips mobile app
      • We know that safety is a shared responsibility and that each member of our community plays an important role. If you see or hear something concerning, report it anonymously using the P3 Tips Mobile app. Live screeners are available 24/7 to review and share tips submitted with school officials.


    • Implementation of buzz-in entry systems at all district schools, beginning with Hilltop Learning Center and the district's elementary schools, with middle schools and high schools to follow
      • Buzz-in entry system will provide another layer of security as we work to foster a safe and positive learning environment. Upon implementation, all exteriors doors will be locked during the school day and all visitors, including families, will need to use the buzz-in entry system. Adults will be asked to use the outside intercom and security camera to show their ID and share the purpose of their visit before being "buzzed in." Once inside, adults will continue to sign in at the office and wear a visitor badge while in the school.


    • Partnership with the Overland Park Police Department and Leawood Police Department for full-time middle school SROs (school resource officers) who will also work with attendance area elementary schools
      • Blue Valley's school safety philosophy is rooted in the importance of relationships between students and staff members, including SROs and campus police officers. Full-time officers at middle schools will provide another layer of security on those campuses.


    The district will also be implementing short- and long-term safety enhancements that add yet another layer of security and create safe spaces for kids.