• Blended Learning is an educational model that combines traditional face-to-face instruction with technology-based instruction that best meets the educational needs of the student.  

    Blended Mission
    Blended Learning: 

    • Empowers teachers to transform learning through technology so that instruction is truly student-centered and students are future-ready.

    • Enhances in-person instruction with educational technology.

    • Enables students to learn anytime, anywhere, at any pace.

    • Maximizes traditional face-to-face class time by leveraging technology that empowers students and teachers to connect, create, collaborate and learn.

    • Combines classroom work time with technology apps, websites and other technology to make learning more active, engaging and relevant.



    Blended Learning in Blue Valley includes three components, all of which are supported by the district's safe and secure technology infrastructure:

    • Teaching and Learning - Blue Valley is committed to providing teachers the professional learning they need to effectively incorporate digital resources into instruction to best support student learning.

    • Environment - Blue Valley supports an educational environment focused on student learning. The district's Learning Management System (LMS), Canvas, provides the digital environment necessary for blended learning experiences.

    • Tools - Blue Valley is committed to providing students access to the educational tools they need, including technology, to learn, grow and become future-ready for life in the 21st century.