PowerUp 1:Learner

  • PowerUp is the district's ongoing process to prepare and educate students, families and staff on the district's 1:Learner initiative and appropriate use of technology in the educational setting. This process consists of several components including professional learning and training on device use, how to incorporate technology in the classroom, digital citizenship and more. This process helps to ensure the district is not simply providing devices to students and staff, but opening doors to new levels of learning. PowerUp logo



    Prior to students receiving devices, families must complete the PowerUp process. Students will complete the PowerUp process through Canvas. Parents/Guardians must complete the steps below. Parents/Guardians should contact their child's school for all questions related to PowerUp.


    1. Attend a Parent/Guardian Orientation Night at your child's school OR watch the Parent/Guardian Orientation video.
    2. Review, Sign and Submit the Responsible Use Agreement through the ParentVUE website.




    1:Learner Logo Blue Valley is committed to providing student-centered learning experiences that provide opportunities to acquire the skills and knowledge students will need to be successful in the future. We believe a 1:Learner initiative will help provide students the access they need to digital resources that support future-ready learning experiences. Based on findings from the Blended Learning Impact Study, the Board of Education voted to implement a 1:Learner initiative, or one device per one student, at all middle and high schools starting in 2019.


    Based on findings from the 2018 Blended Learning Impact Study, middle school students will be assigned a Google Chromebook and high school students will be assigned a MacBook Air. Each device offers unique features that best fit the learning needs of the corresponding grade level. 

    Comparison chart between Google Chromebook and MacBook Air