Career Ready Programs

  • Career Ready Programs


    Blue Valley Career Ready Programs (CRP) provide learners with the knowledge and skills they need to prepare for college and careers. CRP gives purpose to learning by emphasizing real-world skills and practical knowledge with a career focus. 


    Career Ready Programs offer:

    • Relevant hands-on learning opportunities
    • Preparation for high-skill, high-wage, high demand careers
    • Professional learning experiences
    • Leadership and interpersonal skills
    • Connections with business and industry
    • College credit


    Blue Valley currently offers 12 career pathways. High school students choose from a variety of different options. Such as business management and entrepreneurship, health science, marketing, culinary and event management, programming and software development, and more. 


    Through partnerships with Johnson County Community College and the Overland Park Fire Department, Career Ready Programs also offer unique and, for some, life-changing opportunities for learners. Each program has a different set of requirements and information. If interested, learners will work with the Blue Valley Career Ready Program Liaison to JCCC or a high school counselor to create a plan that will allow enough time for one of these programs in a student's schedule.

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