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    Click on the art work to go to a website that has step by step instructions  on how to draw a proportionally correct portrait! 

    Bad Hair Day Projects

    The second grade classes have been studying the proportions of the face. They learned that a persons eyes are located halfway down on their face and that there is room for five equal eyes across their face. Their nose ends halfway in between their eye line and their chin. The outside of their lips line up with the center of their eyes, and the top of their ears line up with their eye line and the bottom lines up with the end od their nose. They also learned that you should have enough room to fit another head on each side of your shoulders! After learning all this the second graders drew their own proportional portrait using markers and crayon. They then reviewed all of the different kinds of lines and patterns that artist use to make their own "bad hair day."

Style Me Matisse

  • Do you have a style? Do you have certain things you like to wear? Music you like to listen to? Way that you like to talk? All of these things and many more make you uniquely you! If we really get to know you, we might even be able to guess what you like and what you don't because we would know what is more your style.

    Just like you do, artists have style. In art class, the second graders studied the style of one very famous and unique artist. His name is Henri Matisse. After reading the book, "Henri Matisse Drawing with Scissors," by Keesia Johnson and Jane O'Connor, the second graders created their own self portraits using some characteristics that would be considered part of Matisse's style. Some of those characteristics are cut paper collage, bright colors, thick black outlines, and both realistic and
    abstract portraits!

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    Crazy Kandinsky Compositions

    In art class, the second graders have been studying the artist Wassily Kandinsky. Kandinsky is a famous artist that has been called the father of abstract art. We discussed how Kandinsky used color, line, and shape to create his compositions. The second graders used calm lines, active lines, geometric shapes, and positive shapes to fill their compositions. The also experimented with different watercolor techniques to create contrast in their works of art.