• Good Afternoon,

    Thank you to all of the 4th grade parents for providing treats during our professional development session during early dismissal this Tuesday.  The food was very yummy and very much appreciated by all of the CHE staff.

    Our Friendship Thankgiving Luncheon will be on Tuesday, November the 26th.  We invite you to join your child for the feast.  The forms can be found on the CHE web page under Forms and Documents and are due back on Monday, Nov. 11th. 

    Cedar Hills is excited to welcome visiting author, Judy Young on Tuesday, November 12th.  The 4th graders will be watching her presentation from 2:10-3:10 and we welcome you to come and watch as well.

    Check the homework section below to see next week's homework.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Worth Repeating:

    The 4th grade curriculum plan is available each month on the CHE website under the "Monthly Curriculum Plans" tab.  


    Sumdog is back again this year! 
    Students will have the opportunity to play math games on this free website, as well as participate in BV District sponsored Sumdog contests throughout the year.  In the meantime, Sumdog is a great website your child can play at school and at home.  As your child answers math facts, it self-levels based on their accuracy and speed, so don't answer the problems for them.  A great feature is signing up as an adult to gain feedback on your child's weekly progress!  Bookmark Sumdog on your computers for your child:  


    Thank you for checking the Nut Safer List located on the CHE website under "Forms and Documents" for snacks in the classroom. We want our classroom to be a safe place for everyone!

Next Week's Learning Targets

  • The Student will learn to:

    Reading: A Nation's Beginnings

    • make generalizations from details in the text.
    • demonstrate understanding of connotation and denotation while reading.
    • use knowledge of prefixes that tell when to read and understand words.


    • use correct capitalization when writing common and proper nouns.
    • understand and use articles correctly while reading and writing.
    • use adverbial phrases correctly in our writing.

    Writing:  Personal Narratives

    • understand and use personal narrative features in writing.
    • narrow the writing focus for a personal narrative.
    • write using the sequence-of-events test structure.
    • visualize to help draft a personal narrative.

    Math: Topic 5 - Number Sense: Multiplying by 1-Digit Numbers

    • use arrays to multiply by 10 and 100. (5-1)
    • use basic multiplication facts and number patterns to multiply by multiples of 10 and 100. (5-2)
    • break apart numbers and use arrays to multiply 2-digit by 1-digit numbers. (5-3)
    • use compensation to multiply numbers mentally. (5-4)
    • use rounding to estimate solutions to multiplication problems. (5-5)
    • check for reasonableness by making sure the calculation answers the question asked and by using estimation to make sure the calculation was performed correctly. (5-6)

    Science: Science and Technology

    • ask investigative questions about the world.
    • invent products to solve problems.
    • work with others to solve problems.
    • identify science and technology as a career for all people.
    • develop an understanding that scientists use tools in their profession.


Weekly Homework

  • Week 11 Homework

    This week's homework will come home on Monday, Nov. 11th and is due on Monday, Nov. 18th.


    • Practice Math Facts 5 minutes per night
    • Practice Book Lessons 5-3 & 5-4.


    • Read 20+ minutes per night
    • Online Assignment - Video and Edmodo post


    • Unit 3 Week 3

    Study Island

    • Math: Rounding Numbers


Upcoming Events

    • Monday, Nov. 11 - Veteran's Day
    • Tuesday, Nov. 12 - Visiting Author-Judy Young @ 2:10-3:10
    • Wednesday, Nov. 13 - Library 2:00pm
    • Tuesday, Nov. 19 - Early Dismissal @ 2:00
    • Tuesday, Nov. 26 - Friendship Thanksgiving Luncheon

    *Please check our Edmodo calendar for important dates.  We have transitioned our classroom calendar onto Edmodo.

Next Week's Special's Schedule

  • Monday - Day 2: Music

    Tuesday - Day 3: Art

    Wednesday - Day 4: Computers

    Thursday - Day 5: Spanish/PE

    Friday - Day 1: Spanish/PE

Monthly Book Orders

  • I will send Scholastic Book Club flyers home each month.  If you would like to order books, you can do so one of the following two ways: 

    1. send the order form back in with a check
    2. click the link below to order online with our class code - FZPKM 

    I will close out each order on the 15th of each month and the books should arrive about a week later.  Thank you!