• Auvigne's 4th Grade Update

    Friday, September 28, 2012


    Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow,

    Cheetah Champions Forever...



  • Good Afternoon,

    Thank you to the parents who have returned the signed portion of the progress report.

    Parent-Teacher conferences are just a few weeks away and it is time to begin the sign up process. We will use the e-sign up procedure we successfully implemented last year. Starting Saturday, September 29 you will have the opportunity to select the date and time available to meet with me during the week of October 22. Each conference is planned for 30 minutes. I look forward to our conversation.
    The sign up process is quick and easy…simply follow these steps starting September 29.
    1) Go to your child's teacher web page (under "Classrooms") on the CHE web page
    2)Click "Parent Teacher Conferences"
    3)Click "Register" for the event button and follow the directions
    Please note: a visitor log-in is required - you can create one during the process (do not use your ParentVue code)


    **You can also access the sign up by clicking this link and then clicking "next" to October: http://www.bluevalleyk12.org/education/components/calendar/calendar.php?sectiondetailid=77201


    We will be off on our learning excursion to Lanesfield School House on Tuesday! They are so excited to visit the school house. Please have your child dress in layers and if you did not order a school lunch please send lunches in paper bags if possible.

    Reading calendars are due by Wednesday! We have a class goal that everyone turns them in monthly :)

    "Peace Week" starts Oct. 1 in conjunction with Kansas' 2nd Annual Anti-Bullying Awareness Week. Here are some of the activities in which the students have an opportunity to participate.

    · Peace Week in Mrs. Fox's Class will be read on the morning news show, the content will give students some good examples of thinking before one speaks or acts.

    · sign a pledge to be a "Peacemaker"

    · decorate a "Peace Sign" with words that promote peace and kindness

    · see a demonstration on the news show showing the effect "Peacebreakers" can have.

    · each class will create their own "Peacemaker/Peacebreaker" poster for their classroom.

    · Finally we will have a classroom "Sit-in" to discuss our peaceful week and what we need to do to maintain the peace each day

    To make a change it starts with ONE, just think what we can do with the whole school!

    Blue Valley Special Olympics Bowl-a-Thon is coming up.  As you know, BVSD supports the BV Special Olympics and many of the athletes are students in our schools.

    • 24th Annual Bowl-a-Thon and Silent Auction
    • Benefiting the Blue Valley Blue Streaks Special Olympics Team
    • Saturday, November 3rd at AMF College Lanes at 3:30-5:30
    • Bowl, win prizes and bid on great deals in the silent auction. Proceeds help buy team uniforms, equipment, and awards.  Open to the entire community with a minimum of $25 in pledges per bowler.

    If parents and children are interested in joining us, they can contact me for additional information on registration and fundraising. (816-694-9078 or [email protected] )

    School will not be in session on Friday, October 12th. 

    Have a wonderful weekend!


    Worth Repeating:

    4th and 5th Grade KC Kids' Marathon:  It's time for this year's KC Kids' Marathon! Participants will log 25 miles of walking/jogging/running on their own, and finish the final 1.2 miles on October 20th at Crown Center from 11-1. They will receive an official marathon certificate, t-shirt, finisher's medal, and free food and drink.  If your child is interested in the event AND you are available on October 20th, please sign up using the following link: www.mysignup.com/chekidsmarathon . This event is FREE and a great opportunity to run a "marathon" at such a young age! Please see Coach Miller's webpage to read more about this event: www.bluevalleyk12.org/CHE/armiller


    Study Den, the after school study club began on Thursday, September 20th for grades 1-5. This is an opportunity for students to receive assistance on school work, prepare for tests or work on Study Island.


    Our strings days and times are listed below, if your child is involved in this program, they will not be missing out on instructional time :)

    • Mondays: 2:50 PM
    • Wednesdays: 11:20 AM

    LEAD 21: Mr. Marsh is going to be adding a new feature in the parent E-Update regarding LEAD 21.  For the next several months, a special highlight of the program will be provided to parents.  This week the feature is the LEAD 21 web page.  Make sure to check it out!

  • There are no upcoming events to display.

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Next Week's Learning Targets

  • The Student will learn to:

    ELA (English Language Arts): Unit 1: Life Stories

    • analyze how and why individuals, events, and ideas develop and interact over the course of a text.
    • determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases based on grade level content.
    • recognize and define common Greek and Latin affixes and roots (units of meaning).
    • read grade-level text fluently and show comprehension through voice, timing, and expression.

    Math: Geometric Investigations

    • calculate the perimeter and area of polygons.
    • estimate and solve real-world problems involving perimeter and area
    • recognize points, lines (intersecting, parallel, and perpendicular), line segments, and rays.
    • identify acute, right, and obtuse angles.

    Science:  Weather and the Water Cycle

    • understand the process of the water cycle.
    • identify appropriate weather tools.
    • describe daily changes in temperature.

Weekly Homework

  • This Week's Homework is due on Friday, October 5th.


    • Weekly Math Skills Practice #6
    • Practice Math Facts 5 minutes per night


    • Kids in the Gold Fields
    • Read 20 minutes per night


    • Unit 2 Week 2 Spelling List

    Study Island

    • Math - Interpret Graphs
    • Reading - Author's Purpose

Next Week's Special's Schedule

  • Monday - Day 5: PE/Spanish

    Tuesday -Day 1: PE/Music

    Wednesday - Day 2: Computers

    Thursday - Day 3: Art 

    Friday - Day 4: Spanish/Music

Monthly Book Orders

  • I will send Scholastic Book Club flyers home each month.  If you would like to order books, you can do so one of the following two ways: 

    1. send the order form back in with a check
    2. click the link below to order online with our class code - FZPKM 

    I will close out each order at the end of each month and the books should arrive about a week later.  Thank you!