• Happy Friday ,   

    Here are the REVISED dates for our Kansas Assessments:



    3/4 & 3/6 @ 12:40pm



    3/12, 3/28, & 4/12 @ 12:40pm



    4/5 @ 2:00pm

    4/9 @ 12:40pm


    March 6th is PTO Eat-N-Earn Night at Papa Johns.


    4th grade Chat N Chew is Wednesday, March 6th.


    The PTO School Carnival is Saturday, March 9, 4-8pm.  You can find more information on the CHE E-Update.


    Carnival Spirit Week:

    Monday - Game Day - wear your team uniform, a jersey from your favorite team or a sports t-shirt
    Tuesday -  Hat Day
    Wednesday - Crazy Sock Day
    Thursday - Dress-up Day
    Friday - Wear school colors and/or CHE spirit wear to get ready for Carnival


    Enjoy the weekend!


    Worth Repeating:

    A Note from Mrs. Bowden,

    Hello 4th Grade Students and Parents!  Our performances at The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, and at Cedar Hills are approaching.  There has been an overwhelming amount of students wanting to practice outside of school, so I have added audio files to my website for you to practice at home.  Follow these steps to find the practice page; don't forget to add it to your favorites once you are there!   


    1.  Go to Cedar Hills Elementary web site

    2.  Click on, Classrooms, on the left hand side.

    3.  Click on, Performing Arts.

    4.  Click on, Carey Bowden - General Music.

    5.  Click on, Class Projects.

    6.  Click on the number, 4. 

    7.  username: bowden

    password: music

    8.  ** Add to favorites** 


    All Fourth and Fifth grade teachers are now using an on-line grade book through Blue Valley's Student Information System which gives you access to viewing your student's progress throughout the quarter.  In addition to reviewing quarter grades, you will be able to view your child's grades on individual assessments, assignments, and projects via ParentVUE.  This is the same online tool where you add money to lunch accounts and/or pay fees for the school year.  Grades will be updated every 3 weeks.   Attached are two handouts which include directions for logging on to ParentVue and on how you can view grades in the grade book screen. 


    Study Den, the after school study club, is offered on Mondays and Thursdays. This is an opportunity for students to receive assistance on school work, prepare for tests, or work on Study Island. 


    Our strings days and times are Mondays at 2:50 PM and on Wednesdays at 11:20 AM.   If your child is involved in this program, they will not be missing out on instructional time :)

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Next Week's Learning Targets

  • The Student will learn to:

    ELA (English Language Arts): Unit 3: A Nation's Beginning 

    Rereading "A Tour of the Atlantic States" p.132-160 & Henry and the Kite Dragon p.161-190

    • demonstrate understanding of connotation and denotation in word meanings.
    • use context as a clue to the meaning of a word or phrase.
    • paraphrase and summarize by using his/her own words to tell the most important details and events from a story.
    • use knowledge of homophones to determine or clarify the meaning of unknown words.


    • use knowledge of prefixes that tell when to read accurately unfamiliar words in context and out of context.
    • use knowledge of inflected endings -s and -es to read accurately unfamiliar words in context and out of context.
    • use and understand reference materials, encyclopedias, almanacs, and an atlas.
    • follow agreed-upon rules for discussions and carry our assigned role during inquiry.

    Math: Customary Measurement 

    • identify and use customary measurement tools and vocabulary to determine length, weight, temperature, volume, and time.
    • demonstrate understanding of unit conversions for length, weight, temperature, volume, and time.
    • calculate word problems using customary measurement.
    • making reasonable estimations of length, weight, temperature, volume, and time in real-life situations.
    • justify customary measurement of length, weight, temperature, volume, and time in real-life situations.

    Science:   Metric Measurement

    • identify and use metric measurement tools and vocabulary to determine length, weight, temperature, and volume.
    • demonstrate understanding of metric unit conversions for length, weight, temperature, and volume.
    • make reasonable estimations of length, weight, temperature, and volume.

Weekly Homework

  • This week's homework is due on Friday, March 8th.


    • Math Practice #22
    • Practice Math Facts 5 minutes per night


    • Arctic Disaster 
    • Read 20 minutes per night


    • U6W1 Spelling Lists

    Study Island

    • Reading -  CCSS Main Idea & Supporting Detail
    • Math - Real World Problems

Next Week's Special's Schedule

  • Monday - Day 1:  PE/Music

    Tuesday - Day 2:  Computers

    Wednesday - Day 3: Art

    Thursday - Day 4: Spanish/Music

    Friday - Day 5: PE/Spanish

Monthly Book Orders

  • I will send Scholastic Book Club flyers home each month.  If you would like to order books, you can do so one of the following two ways: 

    1. send the order form back in with a check
    2. click the link below to order online with our class code - FZPKM 

    I will close out each order at the end of each month and the books should arrive about a week later.  Thank you!