• Good Afternoon,

    Thank you for helping us welcome our new student, Tyler, to our classroom community!  It has been a great week!

    We will have our Math Topic 7 Test on Friday, December 19th.  Closer to the test date, your child will be bringing home the "Daily Common Core Practice" packet and the "Quick Check" packet to help prepare for the assessment. He/she may do any of the activities on the enVision website to help them study/practice as well.  There is a practice test in the text book that may be completed to practice, and this can be accessed through the enVision website as well. 

    2014 Adult Auction Event - We Need Your Help!

    Our PTO Adult Auction Event "Investing Today for the Technology of Tomorrow: No Student Left Behind" is just 2 short months away!  Our goal is to make every classroom at CHE an Innovation Space for the 2014-15 school year and we need your help!  Although our auction committee has been very busy securing items for both the live and silent auction portions of our event, we encourage the entire community to get involved through assigned "Grade-Level Baskets".  This is a great way for parents to donate as little or as much as they are able to, and combined with the rest of the grade-level, create an amazing, high-dollar gift basket for our guests to bid on!

    Below is the link to "Sign Up" for the items listed that we need to create the 4th Grade Basket.  The deadline to turn your donations into school is Friday, December 13th, so please remember to add CHE to your Holiday shopping lists!  Please contact April Kempton, [email protected] , with any questions.  Thank you for your time and donations to help support this event!  We have a HUGE goal to meet and it just wouldn't be possible without your generosity!

     4th Grade Basket, "The Best of Overland Park":

    Check the homework section below to see next week's homework.

    Our next classsroom newsletter will come out on December 6th.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Worth Repeating:

    The 4th grade curriculum plan is available each month on the CHE website under the "Monthly Curriculum Plans" tab.  

    Sumdog is back again this year! 
    Students will have the opportunity to play math games on this free website, as well as participate in BV District sponsored Sumdog contests throughout the year.  In the meantime, Sumdog is a great website your child can play at school and at home.  As your child answers math facts, it self-levels based on their accuracy and speed, so don't answer the problems for them.  A great feature is signing up as an adult to gain feedback on your child's weekly progress!  Bookmark Sumdog on your computers for your child:  


    Thank you for checking the Nut Safer List located on the CHE website under "Forms and Documents" for snacks in the classroom. We want our classroom to be a safe place for everyone!

Next Week's Learning Targets

  • The Student will learn to:

    Reading: A Nation's Beginnings

    • paraphrase what is read using details from the text.
    • summarize what is read by using details from the text.
    • use knowledge of connotation and denotation, context clues, & homophones to understand the meaning of a word or phrases.
    • use knowledge of inflected endings -s & -es to read and understand words.


    • correctly use and understand regular verbs (present/past/future) in reading and writing.
    • correctly use and understand irregular verbs in reading and writing.

    Writing:  Personal Narratives

    • use idioms effectively in a personal narrative.
    • revise a personal narrative for voice.
    • correctly use quotation marks in dialogue.
    • edit a personal narrative for paragraph indentations.

    Math: Topic 7 - Number Sense: Multiplying by 2-Digit Numbers

    • use arrays to multiply 2-digit numbers by multiples of 10. (7-1)
    • discover and use patterns to multiply by multiples of 10. (7-2)
    • use rounding to estimate solutions to multiplication problems involving two 2-digit numbers. (7-3)
    • use compatible numbers and rounding to estimate solutions to multiplication problems involving two 2-digit numbers. (7-4)
    • identify and answer hidden questions to solve multi-step problems with operations. (7-5)

    **Topic 7 Test Thursday, December 19th

    Social Studies: Ch.4-5 Explorers 

    • explain several factors that led to European exploration of the Americas in the 15th and 16th centuries.
    • categorize artifacts of exploration.
    • explain how the voyages of Christopher Columbus encouraged the major powers of Europe to explore the Americas between the 15th and 17th centuries.
    • identify areas in North America claimed by explorers.
    • describe the impact of expeditions.


Weekly Homework

  • Week 15 Homework



    • Practice Math Facts 5 minutes per night
    • Math Review Pages - Lessons 6.5 & 6.6


    • Read 20+ minutes per night
    • Online Assignment - U3W4 Paraphrases & Edmodo post


    • Winter Words

    Study Island

    • Math: Factors & Multiples 


Upcoming Events

    • Tuesday, Dec. 10 - Early Dismissal @ 2:00pm
    • Wednesday, Dec. 11 - PTO Pizza Hut Eat-N-Earn Day
    • Thursday, Dec. 19 - Topic 7 Math Test
    • Friday, Dec. 20 - Winter Parties - Early Dismissal @ 11:45
    • Saturday, Dec. 21 - Sunday, Jan. 5 - Winter Break
    • Monday, Jan. 6 - School Resumes
    • Friday, Jan. 10 - Grade Cards Go Home
    • Tuesday, Jan. 14 - Early Dismissal @ 2:00pm

    *Please check our Edmodo calendar for important dates.

Next Week's Special's Schedule

  • Monday - Day 4: Computers

    Tuesday - Day 5: Spanish/PE

    Wednesday - Day 1: Spanish/PE

    Thursday - Day 2: Music

    Friday - Day 3: Art

Monthly Book Orders

  • I will send Scholastic Book Club flyers home each month.  If you would like to order books, you can do so one of the following two ways: 

    1. send the order form back in with a check
    2. click the link below to order online with our class code - FZPKM 

    I will close out each order on the 15th of each month and the books should arrive about a week later.  Thank you!