• Auvigne's 4th Grade Update

    Friday, October 12, 2012


    Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow,

    Cheetah Champions Forever...



  • Good Afternoon,

    Thank you to everyone who has signed up for conferences.  If you haven't had a chance to yet, the registration closes on Monday.  The instructions in below in the "Worth Repeating" section.


    Early Dismissal and Picture Retake Day are Tuesday, October 16th.


    Twisters PTO Eat N Earn Night is also Tuesday, October 16th.


    Cedar Hills will be participating in a United Way campaign during the week of Oct. 15-19.  We have a special theme planned for the week as we join together to support this worthwhile cause.  We are asking that if students participate, they make a donation, but the donation is just a suggestion, not a requirement.


    Monday: Warm Up Day: Batter Up for United Way this Week

    Tuesday: Go for a single: donate spare nickels

    Wednesday: Drive in a Double: donate spare dimes

    Thursday: Go for a Triple: donate spare quarters

    Friday: Home Run: Gear up; wear your baseball attire and donate a dollar


    Blue Valley Special Olympics Bowl-a-Thon is coming up.  As you know, BVSD supports the BV Special Olympics and many of the athletes are students in our schools.

    • 24th Annual Bowl-a-Thon and Silent Auction
    • Benefiting the Blue Valley Blue Streaks Special Olympics Team
    • Saturday, November 3rd at AMF College Lanes at 3:30-5:30
    • Bowl, win prizes and bid on great deals in the silent auction. Proceeds help buy team uniforms, equipment, and awards.  Open to the entire community with a minimum of $25 in pledges per bowler.

    If parents and children are interested in joining Emma's team, they can contact her mom, Enid, for additional information on registration and fundraising. (816-694-9078 or  [email protected]

    Have a wonderful weekend!

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Next Week's Learning Targets

  • The Student will learn to:

    ELA (English Language Arts): Unit 1: Life Stories

    • analyze how and why individuals, events, and ideas develop and interact over the course of a text.
    • determine or clarify the meaning of unknown and multiple-meaning words and phrases based on grade level content.
    • recognize and define common Greek and Latin affixes and roots (units of meaning).
    • read grade-level text fluently and show comprehension through voice, timing, and expression.

    Writing: Mysteries

    • use suspense in writing a mystery.
    • choose an idea about which to write with an occasional use of a teacher prompt.
    • develop one clear main idea that is supported with relevant details.
    • use pre-writing strategies independently to organize ideas on a topic or prompt and complete a draft.

    Math:  Geometric Investigations

    • calculate the perimeter and area of polygons.
    • estimate and solve real-world problems involving perimeter and area
    • recognize points, lines (intersecting, parallel, and perpendicular), line segments, and rays.
    • identify acute, right, and obtuse angles.

    Science:  Weather and the Water Cycle

    • understand the process of the water cycle.
    • identify appropriate weather tools.
    • describe daily changes in temperature.

Weekly Homework

  • This Week's Homework is due on Thursday, October 11th.


    • Weekly Math Skills Practice #8
    • Practice Math Facts 5 minutes per night


    • The Smuggler
    • Read 20 minutes per night


    • Unit 2 Week 4 Spelling List

    Study Island

    • Math - Central Tendency
    • Science - Weather

Next Week's Special's Schedule

  • Monday - Day 4: Spanish/Music

    Tuesday - Day 5: PE/Spanish

    Wednesday -Day 1: PE/Music

    Thursday - Day 2: Computers

    Friday - Day 3: Art 

Monthly Book Orders

  • I will send Scholastic Book Club flyers home each month.  If you would like to order books, you can do so one of the following two ways: 

    1. send the order form back in with a check
    2. click the link below to order online with our class code - FZPKM 

    I will close out each order at the end of each month and the books should arrive about a week later.  Thank you!